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Kaneland Board of Education

FAQ’s Regarding Negotiations between Board of Education (Board) and Kaneland Education Association (KEA)

November 24, 2015

The Kaneland Board of Education (Board) provides the following responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) regarding the ongoing negotiations with the Kaneland Education Association (KEA).  

What is the Current Financial Condition of Kaneland CUSD 302?

The Board of Education is committed to adopting a fiscally responsible budget on a yearly basis and has been recently honored with the distinction of being a school in Financial Recognition status by the Illinois State Board of Education.

The Board has increased district reserves to ensure that all obligations are met in spite of unforeseen events or expenses.  The financial shortfalls of the State of Illinois have caused General State Aid (GSA) payments to be be consistently reduced.  In addition, the legislature is currently considering Bills that would freeze property taxes, reallocate GSA, and shift State pension liabilities to the district.  In light of proposed legislation and continued uncertainty, the Board is committed to fiscal responsibility.

What are the Outstanding Issues?

Currently, there are two outstanding issues remaining:  Salary and Salary Structure


The Board’s current offer adds approximately $3,000,000 of additional salary to the KEA over a period of three years.  This represents approximately 16% or a little more than an average of 5% per year.  The Board recognizes the importance of paying competitive salaries to all employees, as well as the importance of maintaining the fiscal health of the district.

Salary Structure

The current salary schedule is a spreadsheet of rows and columns.  The rows/steps down the side represent years of service, while the columns/lanes across the top represent education levels.  Teachers receive a step increase for each additional year of service.  Negotiations on salary frequently begin with the premise that a base salary increase will be provided in addition to the step increase.  The current salary schedule provides a 3.6% step and lane increase.

The Board is proposing to work collaboratively with the KEA to restructure the current salary schedule.  Important components of the restructure are to increase the base salary to be regionally competitive and to provide for a more sustainable compensation system.

Are There Other Compensation Factors to Consider?

The Board of Education’s contribution to KEA members’ retirement benefits and health insurance premiums rank in the top three of comparable districts.



The KEA’s current contract contains three retirement benefits:  1) a salary increase of 6% per year, up to four years, during the last four years of employment, 2) a $250/month contribution towards health insurance until age 65, and 3) a one-time $850 post-retirement stipend for each year of service.

The Board’s current proposal is to reduce the post-retirement stipend from $850 to $600, $400, and $200, for each of the three years, respectively.  The rationale for this reduction is to redirect money toward personnel that are currently employed.

KEA Retirement Benefit

Current KEA Contract

Board Proposal

End of Career Salary Increase

6% per year, up to four years

No change

Health Insurance Contribution after Retirement

$250 per month until age 65

No change

One-Time Post-Retirement Service Stipend

$850 for each year of service

15-16 $600 for each year of service

16-17 $400 for each year of  service

17-18 $200 for each year of service

Health Insurance

A benefit that teachers receive is a contribution towards their health insurance.  In the current proposal, the Board is not proposing any changes to the KEA members’ health insurance coverage or premium percentages -- aligning with the value that the district places on the health and safety of our staff and their families.  

Coverage Type

Annual Teacher Contribution

Annual Board Contribution

Total Annual Premium Pd.

Single (95% Board Pd.)




Teacher + Spouse (75% of dependent portion is Board Pd.)




Teacher + Children (75% of dependent portion is Board Pd.)




Family (75% of dependent portion is Board Pd.)




Press Release November  9, 2015
FAQs (11-24-15)
BOE/KEA Negotiations Page 
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Board of Education - Negotiations Update


The Kaneland CUSD #302 Board of Education and the Kaneland Education Association (KEA) are continuing their discussions regarding a contract settlement.  The next negotiation session is scheduled for early December. The  Board of Education is interested in securing an agreement that is fair and fiscally responsible.  During negotiations, a number of questions may arise from the Kaneland community.  To communicate ongoing updates, a designated location on the district web site has been created for community members to obtain up to date information.  For information on negotiations and the current FAQ document, please visit and select the BOE/KEA Negotiations link, near the center of the main page.  Please check regularly as updates will be posted as information becomes available.


Kaneland Board of Education
November 24, 2015